Virtual Academy

  • Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome was one of the largest civilizations of the ancient world. Magnificent temples, amphitheatres, and triumphal arches glorified the power of Rome. Carved marble portraits bring to us images of people from the long bygone epoch. Works from the Hermitage collection will help you to acquaint yourself with Ancient Roman culture and art.

  • Rembrandt in the Hermitage

    The Hermitage Museum preserves a world renowned collection of Rembrandt's works - his pictures and engravings. The collection of Rembrandt's paintings comprises over twenty canvases and is famous for a whole number of remarkable masterpieces, while the collection of engravings is recognized as one of the world's best. The programme will acquaint you with works created by the great painter in different periods of his life and provides an insight into his life and creative career.

  • Biblical Subjects

    The Bible, which is the most widely read book in the world, has for many centuries been of particular importance for the fine arts. Masterpieces from the Hermitage collections reveal the fascinating world of biblical stories.